Grounded EMF Protection Sticker

Grounded EMF Protection Sticker $5.00 each buy one get one free. Do you realize that the technology you’ve come to depend on in your home emits harmful EMF ( ElectroMagnetic Field ) Your cell phone 4G and 5G, computer, tablet, television, video game consoles, even your refrigerator and hair dryer create electromagnetic radiation. Fortunately, there’s a way to protect yourself and your family – with Grounded EMF Protection Sticker1.5 inch round.Stickers Needed for:

Mobile Phone 1

Cordless Home Phone 2

Tablet 4

Television 3

Video Game Console 2

Microwave 2

Laptop 4

Desktop Computer 4

Refrigerator 4

Alarm Clock 1

Hair Dryer 1

Car 3

EMF Protection Sticker Free Shipping only in US

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