Whipple Procedure and my Wife Vickie Nocerino

Vickie Nocerino

This is what happen to her and I would like everyone to know about the Whipple Procedure complications and a mistake. that shouldn’t happen. My wife had the Whipple Procedure it was robotic on July 31 2018 at UI Health the surgeon Dr. Pier Giulianotti MD here a follow up 3 weeks later with a chemo consultation when she was on the doctors table for a exam doctor touch her belly was bloated and she nearly jump off the table because she was so bloated up , the doctor sent her to ER it took them 3 days to find out she had internal bleeding and took 5 units of blood by a nick in the main artery where the surgery was done at UI Health, in Chicago . they repair it, She could of died,then 12 days at the hospital. then she started chemo then it was suppose to be her 3rd chemo session on Monday October 29th the mourning I found her on the family room floor she was incoherent so I called 911 she had a stroke and a heart attract..then 2 days after had to have emergency surgery had to remove all her small intestines and insert a pick line for TPN and 7 drainage tubes on her belly area the 78 days in 4 different hospitals with all these compilations after that nick in the artery we decided to take her home with Hospice what she wanted and passed away in my arms at home. on January 16 2019 My wife went through hell after that surgery if it was a clean Whipple Procedure she would be alive today. No one should suffer like my wife did because of a mistake at a robotic surgery.April 6th 2019 this year would of been our 51st anniversary and her 68th birthday.,that she never seen.

The best of all she was my high school sweet heart married her on her 17th birthday and I was 20.

My life hasn’t been the same as it was before January 16th last year when my lovely wife Vickie passed away at home in my arms because of a misstate that led yo major complications from her mother of all surgeries ( Whipple Procedure ) July 29th 2018. We have been together for 50 + years and she is gone for good because of a error was made on her major surgery. This is wrong I was suppose to take care of her for the next 50 years of our lives , but it didn’t happen.I think complications and a error are 2 different things.The hospital robotic equipment and the surgeon should be accountable for this.

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