A great FREE gift for those that are battling all diseases. Grounded Silicone Bracelet says *NEVER GIVE UP* Great looking light weight silicone bracelet is made of pure silicone. It is grounded with 7.83 earths Frequency For that improves your balance and extra boost of energy. Great for the person looking for an extra boost of energy in whatever you are doing. *NEVER GIVE UP* Adult Size 8 inch Youth Size 7 inch Just pay for shipping and handling charge of $5.00 each I created these in honor of my wife that passed away January 16 2019 also for those that are battling cancer and other diseases to Never Give Up..I have donated to the Zion cancer center 100 of these wristbands to cancer survivors and other organizations If interested I have a secured link .My Square Market https://squareup.com/store/frequencyrus

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